Essential Science Indicators [NTU Subscription]
Updated 3 October, 2018
Essential Science Indicators [NTU Subscription]

Essential Science Indicators is a Web-based research tool that enables researchers and research evaluators to measure scientific performance and to track trends in science.

This in-depth analytical tool surveys thousands of journals from around the world for article publication and citation count performance indicators. It ranks scientists, institutions (universities, corporations, government research labs), countries, and journals in 22 specific fields of research by the number of papers published, citations received, and citations made per paper. The data* covers a rolling 10-year period plus bimonthly updates during the current year.

*Data in Essential Science Indicators is limited to Thomson Scientific indexed journal articles. Books, book chapters, or articles published in journal not indexed by Thomson Scientific are not taken into account, either in terms of publication counts or citation counts.

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