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PGDE/Diploma/BA/BSc Student Teachers

Getting to Know Your Library Interactive Quiz

PGDE/Diploma/BA/BSc Student Teachers

Test your knowledge of NIE Library and Information Services Centre with the questions below. Once you have answered all the questions click on the Submit Quiz button to see how well you have done.

1) How many books can you borrow at any one time?

  a) 4 books
  b) 10 books
  c) 20 books



2) How long is the loan period for books from the Lending Collection on level 4?

  a) 3 weeks
  b) 4 weeks
  c) 5 weeks


3) Where is the Reserves section (Red-Spot, Media & Circulating Reference Resources) located?

  a) Next to the Research Commons, Level 2
  b) Next to the Loan Counter, Level 2
  c) Next to the Research & Information Services Office, Level 2



4) Where is the Photocopying Services Office located?

  a) Level 2, Right Wing
  b) Level 3, Right Wing
  c) Level 4, Right Wing


5) Where can you NOT find a photocopier?

  a) Level 2, Right Wing
  b) Level 3, Right Wing
  c) Level 4, Right Wing
  d) Reserves (Level 2), Left Wing


6) On which level of the library would you be able to view microfilms and microfiches?

  a) Level 2
  b) Level 3
  c) Level 4


7) On which level of the library would you find popular magazines/scholarly journals/newspapers?

  a) Level 2
  b) Level 3
  c) Level 4


8) You are looking for the latest print issue of the Asia Pacific Journal of Education. You would go to:

  a) Bound Periodical Collection
  b) Current Periodical Collection
  c) Reference Collection
  d) Reserve Collection


9) Where should you ask for assistance if you have questions about using the library catalogue and finding materials for your assignments / research papers?

  a) Loan Counter
  b) Reserves Section
  c) Information Desk


10) The location of a DVD title in the library catalogue is labelled as Reserves. What basic information would you need before you may retrieve the item?

  a) Title
  b) Author
  c) Call Number


11) To retrieve your print-job from the printers, you need a/an:

  a) ATM card
  b) NETS Cashcard / Flashpay card or EZ Link card
  c) Photocopying card


12) What can you do via the Self-Check Machines?

  a) Borrow books and Pay fines
  b) Borrow books and Renew books
  c) Borrow books and Return books
  d) Borrow books only



Thank You for your participation.

Last updated: September 26, 2015  

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